Content Features

A Wide Range of Topics

Content Relevant to Daily Life

With the goal of helping students to build up their Chinese language skills from real-life material, 150 articles have been abstracted from the Ming Pao news. The topics cover current affairs, health, environment, sports, education, technology, construction, social studies, etc. , which are relevant to the experience of students. This helps to keep them interested and inspires them to learn Chinese from daily lives.

Targeting Learning Difficulties

Enhancing Abilities

These activities address the problems that NCS students encounter while they are learning Chinese. Specific activities are designed for recognizing character formation, pronunciation and meaning, practicing stroke order during writing, and differentiating characters with similar structure and pronunciations. There are also activities that require students to read aloud in order to improve their speaking ability.


Strategic Arrangement

Progressive Education

The content is divided into three levels of difficulty – elementary, advanced and proficient. Students can select the level appropriate to their ability. The app is suitable for NCS students in upper-primary and lower-secondary school.

Language Activities

Fun Interaction

Each article includes 6 to 8 interactive activities that are digitalized and bountifully formatted. Learning Chinese no longer has to be a monotonous task for students.

Designed for Self-Study

Twice the Benefit in Half the Time

Each article contains Cantonese audio clips. All key words are translated in to English, Urdu, Hindi and Nepalese so that students who speak those languages can learn precise meanings. Students can choose any character from the articles to learn its radicals, number of strokes, stroke order (animated), formation and pronunciation. All activities allow students to save their answers; they also provide comments immediately, so that students can assess their performance.