List of Current Chapters

Code Topic
101 The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department freed three green turtles.
102 Rex Tso encourages young people to pursuit their dreams.
103 A pickpocket gang sliced open a passenger’s pants pocket and stole $3,500.
104 Sparrows in Hong Kong love living in the city.
105 1,040,000 moon cakes were thrown away last year, the lowest number in the past 12 years.
106 A 3.5-meter-long giant python appeared on Castle Peak Road.
107 Old woman fell through a platform gap and onto the tracks at Lo Wu, passengers used their bodies to stop the train door from closing.
108 Emergency services at Tin Shui Wai Hospital will be available 24 hours a day before the end of next year.
109 The rooftop “forest” of Allway Gardens has been ordered to be removed within three months.
110 Hong Kong Students won 6 Gold medals at the International Mathematics Contest.
111 South Horizons Station was closed due to flooding.
112 After 46 hours and dropping 58 water bombs from helicopters , the Sha Tin hill fire was finally extinguished.
113 A man who used a UAV drone to film the inside of mall will possibly face legal action.
114 Environmental groups have set a target of recycling and reusing 8 million red packets.
115 A 74-year-old swimmer formed the Mother-n-Daughter Alliance to participate in the Habour Race.
116 Releasing turtles into the ocean amounts to murder.
117 A woman “catching” Pokemon in Morse Park was knocked down by a football player.
118 Monkey and Kangaroo floors at HK Children’s Hospital help guide child patients.
119 Cathy’s Queen of the Skies sailed low to bid a final farewell.
120 Firemen gave first aid to a short-haired cat.
121 Fireman saves a kitten on the road
122 Ecological surveyors have no fear of dirt and venture through streams and paths.
123 It was the Venezuelan player’s first time to see real snow. Although he finished in last place, he said that he would not give up.
124 7.1 billion smartphones have been manufactured in 10 years, enough for every person on earth to own one.
125 Money bills of about $9,000 were scattered on Tai Lam Tunnel Toll Plaza.
126 A motorcyclist bravely rescued a teenager, and said, “Society should not continue being indifferent”.
127 Surplus food from the airport is distributed to the grassroots in Tung Chung
128 A grassroots teenager collecting cardboards during exam period hopes to get more financial support
129 Korean women can be expected to live longer than 90 years by 2030.
130 Gray and Smoggy Day. Causeway Bay’s PM2.5  exceeded the international safety standard by 70%.
131 Caretakers took 60 days to teach Jia Jia (in Cantonese, Kai Kai) to hold her breath during x-rays.
132 4000 boxes of supposedly expired potato fries were dumped on the streets.  Environmental groups called for excess food to be donated to reduce waste.
133 People crowded emergency rooms to request treatment.
134 Inauguration of food trucks
135 A janitor lent $100 to a student for rushing to the examination venue for DSE.
136 The “laughing” of keas is infectious.
137 Environment Bureau implements Waste Disposal Charging Scheme.
138 Mui Wo tours allows visitors to enjoy farmland scenes and experience the local community.
139 The world’s population of Black-faced Spoonbill increases but its number in Shenzhen Bay decreases.
140 An app uses real-life interpreters to help hearing-impaired people communicate.
141 Thanks to Facebook, Scottish lady found the Hong Kong couple in four days.
142 Chinese calligraphy is not simply practicing writing characters.
143 A primary school girl is having difficulty falling asleep.  Her mother helps her to relax. Another mother cannot sleep at night because she is nervious about her son’s academic performance.
144 Winning the championship of Cheung Ka-long was the best birthday gift to his mother.
145 Over one thousand Parents-n-Tots will go camping to celebrate the 40th anniversay of country parks.
146 Primary One students who must end their summer holidays early in order to attend preparatory classes feel acedemic pressure.
147 Endeavour In Action helps the youth back on the right track through excerise.
148 A widow who runs a newspaper stand recieved kindness from many people and a $16,000 cheque from a businessman.
149 The HKU students who play traditonal sports will compete in the international tournaments.
150 CityU is developing an app which can avoid phone scams.
201 This January was the warmest on record for the last 100 years. The average temperature was 18.5C.
202 Residents in On Man estate felt threatened by a mouse infestation.
203 “Robust Guy” took first place in Individual Rope Skipping.
204 Learn more about using electric fans! Five breezy and comfy tips to cool off.
205 According to environmental organisations, it is the business sector that spreads the message that “tap water is not clean”.
206 80% of the secondary school students like PE lessons and 30% feel that lesson hours are inadequate.
207 The only Google street-view cameraman in Hong Kong accompanied by nothing but a 18kg backpack, films the mountain trails.
208 A student ‘lip-read’ her way to an excellent academic result.
209 Primary schools are creating bottleless campuses.
210 Choi Hung Estate had the highest Walkability score due to its great district planning. Kwun Tong scored lowest.
211 Serial robbers appeared in hiking trails. Five people were robbed within half an hour.
212 35% of the sidewalk trees that topple over are Taiwan acacia.
213 MTR fans scrambled for a ride the first day the South Island Line began operating.
214 The numer of rubbish bins in country parks and hiking trails will be reduced to half.
215 Specialists launched a free download of an app that teaches excercises and dieting.
216 A principal encourages his students to hike to school to strengthen their determination and endurance.
217 Mango-pomelo-sago dessert has the most sugar.   Its sugar content in one bowl equals to that in two cans of coke.
218 China successfully launches Shenzhou-11 spacecraft.
219 Schools help their students to de-stress by not letting them be “homework slaves”.
220 Pokemon gets into primary and secondary schools.
221 Public housing wait time is more than 4 years.
222 A Chinese University study found that working parents tend to bribe their children with food to get their cooperation.
223 Chinese white dolphins were forced to leave their natural habitat after the third runway project started.
224 Chiu Sheung School has implemented a new policy to provide students with more spare time.
225 Jia Jia, the oldest panda ever in captivity, was euthanized.
226 500lb wartime bomb was unearthed at a contruction site in Pok Fu Lam.
227 First time for residients to enjoy Formula E
228 A 28-year-old “female warrior” fought cancer six times and competed in the World Games.
229 Dengue fever cases continue to emerge.  The government tightens mosquito control.
230 According to a test conducted by a polical party,  the number of carcinogens in three soccer fields  exceeds German standards.
231 A man hopes to find his sister after being separated for 60 years.
232 Mentally disabled students practiced social skills by selling clothes at a charity event.
233 Momo Cheng does not feel that the surgery was wasted and has no regrets about donating her liver.
234 After water quality was improved, a rare firefly species, Luciola ficta, was discovered near the river in Kwan Tei, Fanling.
235 Hospital Authority experts went up the hills 300 times for collecting information.  They wrote an illustration book of poisonous plants.
236 InnoCarnival
237 A visually impaired athlete conquered the Antarctic and competed in a 100-mile race.
238 A Hong Kong mom took her 11 year-old daughter to visit Jordan.
239 Tai O stilt houses have installed solar panels which can generate 1/3 of household electricity needs.
240 40,000 blood donors suffer from hemoglobin deficiency. The Red Cross recommends increasing iron intake.
241 A housewife suffers from multiple illnesses but still has faith.
242 18 people were injured when an escalator at a shopping mall of Langham Place suddenly reversed direction in a high speed.
243 A surge in visitor numbers to Cape D’Aguilar has disrupted marine experiments and the ecological environment.
244 A unique crab species, Haberma tingkok was newly discovered in Hong Kong. This species cannot be found in other areas in the world.
245 An elderly Hong Kong althlete shines in the world of international sport. She won a gold medal in sprinting at the age of 93.
246 Book collection boxes were removed but social bonding remains
247 The price of Dongjiang water has increased 80% in 10 years.  Its processing cost is near that of desalination.
248 PolyU develops an accurate contactless fingerprint idenitification system.  It costs $780.
249 Parents are addicted to their smartphones.  The youth feel dismayed.
250 “Frost chasers” streamed to Tai Mo Shan.
301 Kids catch Pokemon while the grown-ups catch ants.  A group of researchers in their 20s discovered a new ant species.
302 “Auntie Cow” never forgot her old days with her cows.  She said, “They accompanied me going home”.
303 After a disabled person said, “I haven’t felt the sand and sea water in a long time”, volunteers made him a beach wheelchair.
304 The restoration work of the Queen Victoria statue received criticism.  The paint is coated too thick, obscuring details.
305 The status of the State Theatre is upgraded.  It received a recommendation to be a Grade 1 historic building.
306 58,000 sq ft. of land in Sai Wan, Sai Kung will be developed into  farmland.
307 Government cuts down Acacia Confusa.  Residents are sad about losing shade.
308 A young wheelchair-bound person re-establishes his self-confidence by playing the violin.
309 A teenager growing up with loneliness hopes to be a clown to cheer people up
310 The air quality in Hong Kong has deteriorated.
311 Ex-convict tells his story in hopes of being accepted by society.
312 A medical student commits to treating patient and caring for their feelings because her father who battled cancer was ignored by a hospital.
313 Korea, Taiwan and China are offering to refund or replace the problematic Note 7. Hong Kong has not issued a recall but has urged owners to keep it switched off.
314 Before retirement David Lai Man-hin discussed the Mini-Storage’s Blaze and said, “Social media had shaken the team morale.”
315 The mosquito problem in seven districts exceeds the alert level.  The risk of getting mosquito-borne illness will be high in the coming two months.
316 An AIDS patient gave up and avoided treatment.  His nurse was persistent in helping him get back on treatment.
317 A hard-working Nepalese student, who progressed from knowing nothing to achieving a remarkable mastery of the Chinese language, has been accepted by Zhongshan University to study medicine.
318 Sarah Lee Wai-sze was knocked out in the semi-finals.  She said, “I’ve really done my best.”
319 The ozone concentration in the Pearl River Delta has increased by 10% in the last 10 years.
320 To achieve better acedemic results, it is more important to eat breakfast every day than to have a private tutor.
321 The eggroll family has worked together for a half century to keep the business running.
322 An MTR train was stranded due to technical problems.  Passengers walked on the rail roads in the dark.
323 A young doctor gives up her vacation for volunteering at Doctors Without Borders.
324 SPCA staff climbed over hills and crossed rivers.  A trapped mongrel was rescued after 3 days.
325 An airborne parachute device is able to more accurately predict the direction, movement and speed of typhoons.
326 A “tea restaurant” shuts down after over 30 years in the business .  The owner witnesses the changes of Sau Mou Ping.
327 Government plans to take back the soccer field for a housing project
328 According to a study, walking can slow down the deterioration of Parkinson’s Disease.
329 The world’s largest Alcyonacea is probably buried under the third runway.
330 The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is studying to upgrade the country park facilities.
331 11 types of soy sauce contain carcinogens.  Experts think that we should not worry too much.
332 A hunderd-year-old country estate allowed hundreds of trees to be cut down in order to apply for a change of zoning in order to build a medium-density housing project.
333 We shouldn’t just watch fires. We must extinguish them.
334 The number of voters reached a new high. The Taikoo Shing centre was still crowded late at night.
335 The excessive working hours of young people affect their further education.
336 A student with disabilities who will sit in for a public exam has no fear.  He has confidence that his victory will land on the finish line.
337 The first Zika virus infection in Hong Kong is thought to have been contracted abroad.
338 Stanley Wong Yuen-fai suggests assigning two small flats to shorten the waiting time in public housing.
339 A cop who was shot never gives up.  He overcomes all obstacles for his family.
340 Every year millions of dollars are spent on maintenance, Hong Kong Stadium is covered by moss.
341 Minimum wage is recommended to reach $34.5 by adding $2.  The ones who benefit the most are cleaners and security guards.
342 Renowned Palace of Versailles
343 Fireflies are appearing in urban areas.  According to insect experts, this is a significant phenomenon in conservation.
344 Hong Kong University found a new method to visualize the tissue of dinosaurs that helps to solve the myth about Anchiornis.
345 According to PolyU studies, Hong Kong can launch a solar system to provide electricity.
346 More that 70% of organic vegetables contain pesticide residues.
347 Sarah Lee  Wai-sze wins Best of the Best Sports Star award again, gives tribute to late coach Pu Linjun.
348 Eastern Hospital invented a special headgear which accelerates healing.
349 Lai Chi Wo village is being restored to promote Hakka culture.
350 Because they are made of non-woven fabric, wipes are difficult to recycle because they are not biodegradable.
L1 A water main burst in Tsuen Wan, turned the main road into a Yellow River.
L1 Nullah in Kowloon East is being revitalized by building artificial islands and planting mangroves.
L2 Starting from zero, an air stewardess gave up her job to study pathology to become a nurse.
L2 50-year old lady got food-poisoning by eating azalea during hiking.
L3 Principle wishes for the Uncle Ice-cream cart to stay at his school forever after Uncle Ice-cream passed away.
L3 Red Cross considers establishing an appointment system for blood donors.