Project Background and Project Partners

Project Background

Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students who live in Hong Kong need to be proficient in Chinese in order to fulfill the requirements of the local education system. However, when they learn Chinese at school, they encounter a variety of problems. Unfortunately, they are not always able to receive timely assistance. As a result, their performance in other subjects could be adversely affected as well. Therefore, it is essential that there be a systematic support programme that is effective in helping NCS students learn Chinese.

Since there are not enough Chinese materials to meet the needs of NCS students, it is difficult for schools, educational institutions and parents to have access to appropriate teaching aids. In response to this situation, Open Knowledge Association and Ming Pao Education Publications Limited applied for sponsorship from Language Fund to develop an app that will meet the need for teaching aids by providing ample reading materials and extensive learning activities for students from upper-primary to lower-secondary-school levels. And the app is suitable for both classroom instruction and self-study.

Reading news stories is one of the most effective ways to help NCS students learn Chinese. This app provides 150 news articles supplemented with compelling learning activities. The benefits of this app are plentiful and include the stimulation of interest in learning Chinese, the growth of useful vocabulary, the improvement of reading ability, the understanding of many facets of society and the enhancement of a sense of belonging to further social integration.

This app can be used off-line usage and allows students to learn Chinese outside of school. A wide variety of interactive learning activities facilitate immediate feedback on performance, helping students achieve a better and more lasting result.

Project Partners


Language Fund

Main Organiser

Open Knowledge Association Limited (OKA)

OKA is a tax-exempt charitable organisation (reference no.: 91/12472), whose aim is to achieve “Joint-Creation, Sharing and Integration”. OKA advocates team-building among teachers and educational professionals with the goal of developing digital teaching materials for all who need them. The Educational Bureau has initiated the e-Textbook Market Development Scheme (EMADS). As a non-profit organisation and a Phrase 1 and 2 EMADS participant, OKA is responsible for writing and producing P.1 – P.6 Chinese language and Mandarin e-textbooks. What’s more, OKA has rich experience in digitalizing school-based curriculum.


Ming Pao Education Publications Limited (MPEP)

As a company of MediaNet Holdings Limited, MPEP is committed to advancing the development of the educational sector. Apart from publishing and distributing printed textbooks, MPEP also provides a broad range of services, from developing e-textbooks and e-teaching platforms, to providing school-based books for schools, web-sites and apps relating to life planning, to producing publications such as School Introduction, Parent’s Corner, etc. , that have saved time for teachers. These services have been warmly received by many primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

OKA would specially like to thank the Language Fund for sponsoring the production cost of this app.